Pool Features – Most Requested By Home Owners

A swimming pool becomes the focal point of the backyard. Quite often they represent the homeowners backyard dream made real in concrete, tile, and travertine. The swimming pool becomes the source for countless hours spent with family and friends, and where the best memories are created. Adding the right pool features can take an ordinary…

A swimming pool becomes the focal point of the backyard. Quite often they represent the homeowners backyard dream made real in concrete, tile, and travertine. The swimming pool becomes the source for countless hours spent with family and friends, and where the best memories are created. Adding the right pool features can take an ordinary pool and turn it into extraordinary.

If you are still in the dream building phase of buying a pool and considering which pool features would best suit your new pool, we know you’ll find lots of inspiration here. These are the top pool features most requested by homeowners when buying a pool.

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Most Requested Pool Features

Pool Feature: Spillway

Homeowners are opting for stunning spillways that can add visual depth and functionality to any landscape. They are typically placed between a swimming pool and spa to pass water from the spa to the pool. This creates a delightful sound that eliminates unwanted ambient noises. Spillways can be installed along with your swimming pool or your existing pool can be remodeled to include one.


Pool Feature: Fountain

Fountains are great for circulating water. When the pool water is sprayed into the air, oxygen is introduced to all the tiny droplets. This cools them down. When they fall back into the pool, they bring that cooler temperature with them. Run a fountain long enough, and you can see a drop in temperature from 2 to 4 degrees.

Pool Feature: Waterfall

Features such as waterfalls are synonymous with rejuvenation and relaxation. Nothing embodies nature like the relaxing sounds and visual imagery of water cascading down from a waterfall. Waterfalls are versatile and can be designed in a range of sizes and finishes can be as dramatic or as simple as you want them to be.

Pool Feature: Pool Lighting, Fireplaces & Fire Pits

We showcase a number of solutions for illuminating the area around your pool. From colorful pool lighting to a functional fire pit or a fireplace, these custom features add aesthetic appeal to your backyard. Not only do they create a charming atmosphere, they also make it easier for you to navigate your pool area at night. You can choose from a number of pool lighting options and decide how small or large you want your fireplace to be. Fire pits can be set up to operate on natural gas, propane, or burning wood and they can be the focal point of your landscape.

Inground Swimming Pool With Outdoor Fireplace & Raised Spa

Pool Feature: Infinity Edge

Customers rave about infinity pools. Infinity edge pools can be designed to create a visual effect of water flowing from your swimming pool into an ocean or the horizon base on the landscape. They are excellent choice for homeowners who want to limit the overall time spent cleaning or maintaining the pool. This is because of the continuous water movement and excellent filtration system that they are designed with.

Pool Feature: Swim Up Bar

One of the easiest ways to feel like you’re instantly in a tropical resort is to add a swim up bar to your pool. It’s great to play host / bartender for your friends and family and offer them a frosty margarita or a cold beer on a hot summer day. It’s also a place where swimmers can stop and have a snack at the pool bar.

Pool Feature: Tanning Ledge

You’ve probably seen it before but may not know it by name. A tanning ledge (also called a tanning shelf, baja shelf, or sun shelf) is a very shallow shelf in the pool that is usually at least 5 feet wide and 9 inches deep. Many people use it to relax, keep cool, read a book, or play. People also like to put furniture in their tanning ledges, including lounge chairs, umbrellas, and even small tables. This type of design has been around for a few years, but it’s becoming increasingly popular thanks to its versatility and aesthetic qualities.

Pool Feature: Sunken Firepit

Fire and water never fail to create a dramatic aura to any space especially in the pool area. Firepits are a good way to add some warmth for this cold spot outdoors. Aside from giving the much needed warmth, it can also be a perfect decor and could give some romantic and dramatic feel to your pool area. 

Tropical Pool With Sunken Fire Pit Seating Area | HGTV Ultimate ...

Pool Features: Deck Jets

Fun with a nice mix of classic style and modernity, deck jets come in a variety of styles. Whether cast into concrete decks or mounted on the pool walls, they provide a soothing visual and audible addition to your backyard theme. From small and simple single stream deck jets to high end glass-like laminars – there is a deck jet for every pool installation

Laminar Jets on a Johnson Custom Pools design - YouTube

Pool Features: LED Pool Lights

Every inground pool can benefit from beautiful undwater lighting features to match its style. Not only will they illuminate the water after the sun goes down, they add a design element that is unrivaled by other features. A single color can dictate the entire vibe of your outdoor oasis, so don’t overlook this important feature in your planning process.

Hayward ColorLogic® LED Lights | Lighting | Pool Lighting Hayward ...

Pool Features: Grotto

These elaborate water features date back to the Roman era and are usually built as a cave-like structure that overhangs a spa. Add it to your pool as a gorgeous hideaway that will have you feeling like you’re in a tropical resort. Grottos can be natural or man-made—the choice is yours.

RicoRock Swimming Pool Grotto & Other Artificial Rock Products

Pool Features: Water Slide

A waterslide remains at the top of all pool buyers wish lists when considering which pool features to incorporate for the kids. A slide will provide the waterpark like atmosphere that turns your swimming pool into the backyard resort your family has been dreaming of.

A Pool Town Waterslide and Waterfall | Swimming ...

Do You Need Features For Your Pool?

Your local pool contractor in specializes in helping customers realize their dream of owning the perfect pool. Our contractors have the training and knowledge when it comes to building custom swimming pools. Whether you want gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl, our pool builders will work hard to meet your needs. We don’t just stop at building your pool. When you work with us, we can plan and construct any outdoor environment including outdoor kitchens, fire pits, decks, and bars. Our goal is to help you achieve the outdoor living space that makes you happy.

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