Finding a Pool Loan just got so much easier for Pool Buyers

Finding a pool loan just got much easier for Pool Buyers with

Swimming Pool Loan makes it easier for homeowners to find the pool financing they need. Find your pool loan today on Swimming Pool Loan.

Finding a Pool Loan just got alot easier for home owners and pool buyers can breathe a sigh of relief. A new web portfal for finding a Swimming Pool Loan has just been created by the developers at Pool Marketing. Consumers looking for financing for an inground pool and backyard renovations can quickly jump on Simply enter in a zip code and a few details about how much you want to borrow and your contact details and the website does the rest to pair you up with the best possible lender for your specific situation.

How Swimming Pool Loan is able to find pool financing for consumers

The website performs a soft credit check to determine which lender you have the best odds of being approved with based on the credit information they were able to associate with a borrowers profile. It takes into account debt to income of borrowers and determines based on the requested loan amount the lending institution that is most likely to offer an approval.

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Swimming Pool Loan is then able to pair you up to complete an application with an approved lender as well as the most reputable pool builder which is fed via API recommendations from another website Pool Contractor which warehouses a database of over 25,000 pool construction companies nationwide. It’s an interlinked network of sophisticated consumer websites designed to offer potential pool buyers the latest and most current information how to finance and build a pool.

Swimming Pool Loan makes it easy to find a pool loan and finance your inground pool. makes it easy for consumers to find a pool loan and pairs homeowners with the perfect lender based on their particular credit situation.

We interviewed the developer of and CEO of to get a sense on why this product is so needed in the pool industry and what the differentiating factors are that make the platform so unique.

Many homeowners think they have limited options as to who to finance their swimming pool through. The majority of the loans that get processed for inground pools (over 60%) go to the same 3 lenders. It’s clear that consumers feel there are limited sources for funding. We have a relationship with over 100 different lenders that cater to consumers specific credit situation. Our decision engine makes the selection based on who they can get the most money from at the best rate with the best probability for an approval, it’s that simple.

Joe Trusty | CEO of

Swimming Pool Loan also provides a wealth of information to consumers including resources that answer many questions that homeowners have when looking to finance a pool. In the course of helping connect over 20,000 visitors with a lender – the website has been able to provide a deep knowledgebase for many pool funding related questions such as the following:

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