Celebrities Pools

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We Invite You To Step Into The Backyard Of Some Of Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities

Here’s a run down of some amazing celebrity swimming pools to tantalize and inspire you. These over the top luxury swimming pools are nothing short of breath taking. It’s always amazing to see how the other half lives, but this showcase of celebrities pools are simply jaw dropping. With a who’s who of a-list celebrities, we step outside their lavish homes into the backyard to get a glimpse at how it feels to live like a super star.

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A-List Celebrities & Their Swimming Pools

These eye popping backyards cost millions of dollars but are a drop in the bucket for these 1%ers who own multiple homes and insist on nothing but the best in their backyard. When money is no object, these celebrity pools stand out among their contemporaries for architecural design, design aesthetics, features, and of course you can’t just be a quasi celebrity with an over the top pool to make this list. This is our run down of A-List red carpet celebrities and the swimming pools they own.


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